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Werewolf by Night


Storyboard Artist

Only given 2 weeks to storyboard as much as I possibly could for Michael Giacchino for all of Act 2. 

Some of the work below highlights different sections of Act 2, and there were only 2 revisions given the limited time. The challenge was a blast and the film turned out great. The biggest areas I focused on were getting Elsa and Jack in and out of places, keeping the pacing up, and what their interaction would be like getting Manthing out of the maze.

Be sure to check it out on Disney+ 🐺🌕

manthing smash.jpg

image copyright of Marvel / Disney



Storyboard vs Final

Art of Book Pages


Comparison Reel

Even though there was limited time I created 2 reels to pitch Michael to assist in seeing the timing and changes I had in mind. Plus the team could use it as a spring board while on set, the actors and the rest of the team just needed something to react againist. Below are 2 clips.

Toby Cochran

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