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About Me

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.”

George Bernard Shaw


There's a big world to explore out there. Toby has blindly jumped subways in Japan, animated in France, toured windmills in the Netherlands, swam with sharks in Belize, learned to surf in Costa Rica, rode a Vespa in Taiwan trekked on the Silk Road in Nepal, got a selfie with a kangaroo in Australia and hiked through Mordor in New Zealand. Toby made friends in all those places by keeping his face out of his phone. He has raised $4,000+ for the Wounded Warrior project by running through obstacles in Tough Mudder, raised $3,000+ for the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings, supports the Kids and Art Foundation yearly, and created his own artist meetup called the Doodlenauts...

…Toby is a storyteller, a Creative Director (aka creative force for good). 

All these crazy experiences find their way into my career where I develop worlds that explore adventure, emotions, and fun. 

Toby was one of 14 candidates in the world chosen for the 2007 Gobélins Student Exchange Program and was honored as Student of the Year in Colorado. Shortly after graduating from Animation Mentor in 2009, Toby joined Lego Universe MMO, eventually making his way to San Francisco where Toby joined a startup game company helping it grow. Taking on various roles from designing the Mobile app, and becoming an art director to creatively directing games for Shaquille O'Neal at Playstudios along with helping oversee 45 published games for both mobile and web.

In 2006 Toby created Big Grin Productions, an independent production company. BGP developed an animated TV series and a feature film while working on commercial projects. In 2017 Toby revamped BGP focusing on only working with clients making a difference in the world. The creation, management, dedication, and perseverance necessary to running the company have allowed Toby to further develop his behind-the-scenes responsibilities as well as his storytelling skills. 

Toby has dedicated himself to inspiring positive change through his life, creations, and actions, that's the kind of work that drives Toby forward. Toby specializes in telling stories, Leading creative teams, Animation Direction, Video Games, Commercials, to film (live-action or animated) please contact Toby and to create some magic! 

Toby Cochran

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