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NBC Universal Pitch

I was asked to help lead a HUGE pitch for PLAYSTUDIOS alongside Lee Tao. We tag teamed the pitch for the first week. It was one of the largest studio efforts since working on the Shaq pitches. 

Working in partnership with NBC Universal, PLAYSTUDIOS seeks to reimagine its most memorable creations, and recast them for a new mobile audience.


By inviting us to apply our deep domain experience, design and development sensibilities, and unique consumer proposition, to your incredible library of content, we are confident we can create and bring to market an integrated game experience that will have unprecedented appeal.

Creative Director

Spinfinity logo painted by Jake Halstrom

A Universe of characters spanning the last 1oo years...

Defining the Pitch

I helped define the moodboard pitch to share with the internal team as well as the external vendors, Concept Art House. 

Players discover and enjoy a captivating digital experience. They explore a rich offering of games and branded interactions. Then they return to the real world to connect with NBC Universal properties via our in-app rewards offerings.


We had the challenge of creating 50 characters spanning the last 100 years of Universal entertainment, which included: television, new acquisitions and theme park properties.

The work was split to artists after I identified which characters and properties were best suited for the pitch. The artists would rough the work in, I would review for likeness or complete redlines, after all was approved, one artist, Madison Tuff would clean up all the line-work. From there I would manage Concept Art House to ensure quality control providing notes to the team.

Character Artists include: Jean Lian, Madison Tuff & myself.

Rendering by: Concept Art House.


As they say in L.A., “You are what you drive.”

We had a much bigger idea to explore a new side of a Meta World. One goal of mine was to show off a world where players could unlock, purchase, upgrade characters and vehicles. How freaking cool would it have been to race the Indominus Rex vs Vin Diesel's charger on a racing world?! 

That was the goal, even though we didn't get explore the world we did explore the design of vehicles.

Vehicle Designs by: Danny Wise.

Rendering by: Concept Art House.

World of Universal

From the launch of the app to the redemption of NBC Universal loyalty rewards, the players are guided through an extraordinary world that delivers a one-of-a-kind experience. Players will have the chance to explore an offering like none-other, a collection of discrete worlds organized by entertainment genre's spanning the last 100 years. Inside each area, players can play games, preview movies and shop for merchandise. 

App loading screen - showcases world zones, combining the last 100 years of IP. 

Artists: Concept Art House, Lee Tao & Josh Song

The Epic Empire Zone showcases classic and current offerings. From 1934 Cleopatra, to Spartacus, from the barbarian ages of Conan leading up to Gladiator. 

Artists: Concept Art House & Lee Tao

Pick an empire Zone and enter a world of interactive games and related content.

This collection of content showcases all the ghoulish greats from the golden age of creature classics – from Dracula to the Munsters


Artist: Carlos Vazquez

Wander through Toon Lagoon an array of fun colorful animation properties. Home to Kung Fu Pandas, loveable orges, the Dragons of Berk and Earthworm Jim.


Artist: Josh Song

Once the player clicks a zone they enter, players can explore a variety of games, both single and multiplayer. Share with friends what's trending, Shop for virtual goods and compete against others who want their names immortalized at the top of the leaderboard! 

Inside Epic Empires

Line Drawing: Nicholas Koenig

Rendering: Concept Art House

Enter an exclusive world of VIP benefits for our most loyal players

Challenge other players in real-time tournaments

Community Game:

Cleo Wheel

Shop for real and virtual goods

Table games and proposition bets

Xena Warrior Princess community, multi-player game

Choose titles from Hollywood classics to contemporary blockbusters.

Play Spartacus, in a fun vertical cabinet style casino game with it's own Colosseum battle, declare that you too are Spartacus and your winnings may become legendary.

Game Design & Art by:

Bob MacNeil & Josh Song

Play unique Blackjack and other table games with bonus rounds! Will you become the predator or the prey?

Artists: Katie Corna & Nicholas Koenig

Render by: Josh Song


Great games. Incredible rewards. Explore them all by favorite location or category. 

Movie Trailers are shown inside the game environments.

CG: Jose Fuentes, Harnick Atur & Logan Bain

UI Rendering: Concept Art House

Tap movie trailers to launch the Fandango integration. Purchase tickets without leaving the app.

Movie merchandise is promoted inside the game environments.

Shop for branded products from your favorite NBC Universal shows.

Access a collection of exclusive VIP perks.

Explore trending players and messages.

Playstudios CG team stepped up in a big way to help the pitch as well from building interior locations based off the conceptual drawings, modeling avatar characters and assisting with UX of example screens.

Artists: Jose Fuentes, Dhanad Islam & Logan Bain

Supervisor: Alex Patanjo

Lead: Harnick Arur

I was honored to lead an incredible team to create such a once in a life time pitch for the studio. Stay tuned for Playstudios & Universal team up! Thank You!

Spinfinity logo painted by Jake Halstrom

Toby Cochran

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