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Creative Director

CaddySHAQ is 1 of 3 projects, total of 12 games I directed at once for Shaquille O'neal inside the popular myVEGAS. 


I had the pleasure of originally pitching Shaq with a video game concept. After that I helped lead a company-wide pitch of games to Shaq.


I creatively directed all things Shaq related: Directed Motion Capture Shoot, Voice Over, Game Desgin, all 2D concepts, Supervised Animation and managed internal & external resources. For more info go to my Linkedin.

Designing Shaq, the Gopher & the world

You name it, I drew it. From concept to creative direction I supervised all of CaddySHAQ. Senior art director, Bob McNeil assisted me in defining the art style early on, completing almost all 2D rendered assets for the game. It was a team effort at the studio, the schedule was very tight on this project. Without my team we would have never finished on time.

Prop Designs

It was important each prop fit the world of Shaq and felt believable. Each item need the care and thought put into the development of the characters. 

Bonus Game Design

The original bonus game was simple and fun. That was cut in exchange for a full-on 9-hole golf bonus game. All of which had to be the same size as all of the other game titles, which was 5mbs. Knowing that, I designed the bonus game assets to be modular that way I could put each level together like a puzzel saving size on the sprite sheets. Working with Bob (Senior Art Director) he painted each asset to align with one another.  

video coming...

I teamed up with my 3D Supervisor (partner in crime) for creating the most stunning 3D game & characters the studio had seen yet. Luckily we both had experience with Motion Capture before as it was a huge team effort to take the data and put it in our game. 

Supervising Animation


Collection of photos over the course of the projects. As a child I would vision myself playing professional basketball.


Needless to say it was a childhood dream to not only meet Shaq but to play him in a pick-up game. (and winning :)





Directing Shaq: 1 Second a Time 

Over the course of 2014 I was creating a one second video for myself everyday. I realized I had captured almost my entire experience while working on the Shaq games.

Making of with Shaq

Commercial Ad

Toby Cochran

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