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Claire & The Keys

Claire & The Keys is a short film Directed by John Ludwick. I served as Story Supervisor, asissted on editing early cuts, storyboarding, screenplay writing and Animated 2 game scenes.


Below are some storyboards and revisions.


The film wrapped April 2015 and is now making it's Film Festival debut. 


Festivals Selected:

  • Indianapolis International Film Festival

  • Burbank International Film Festival

  • Breckenridge Film Festival

  • Memphis International Film & Music Festival

  • DragonCon Independent Film Festival - Winner

  • Portsmouth International Film Festival

  • Longbeach International Film & Music Festival

  • Southampton International Film Festival

  • Charleston International Film Festival

  • Show Me Shorts International Film Festival

  • Animation Magazine’s World Animation Celebration

  • Atlanta Shortsfest


Go to Claire & the Keys Facebook page for updates!

film will be released after Festival run

Kris & Izzy 

Project started as an assignment that I expanded upon & started world building. I have a short film based off of these two characters that I would love to bring to life. 


Kris & Izzy (the tricertops) are pals in a future world covered in sand. They set out on a rescue mission to return members to the heard & find out an oasis of life is awaiting them.

film reel is still cooking...


SanFranLand is a 12 episode comedy web series that follows the misguided lives of three women living in San Francisco.


Credits: Storyboard Artist, Production Assistant, Boom Mic Operator & Hazmat Guy #2 Actor.


Check out more episodes at SanFranLand. 


SanFranLand is a 12 episode comedy web series that follows the misguided lives of three women living in San Francisco.


Credits: Storyboard Artist, Art Department, Production Assistant, 'Swinging Dick' actor and background extra.


Check out more at Bartlett 

Nestle Pitch

A small team at Nestle contracted me to help storyboard a pitch for potential partners, Purina dog food and Kwik.Me. The story was simple; owner runs out of pet food, presses the button and in no-time a new bag of Purina dog food is delievered. 

I included a small animation for the pitch.

Lake Kids

This was a fun & quick excerise. We took a starting Image (which I redrew panel #1) and had to tell a story only using 6 camera setups or less. 


Eric was feeling romantic and thought he would take Lori out on a little sunset paddle. Little did either of them know that there was something lurking below. 

Sam & Max

Cinematic test completed for TellTale Games. Storyboarded, edited, voice acted all within 18 hours. 


French Toast

From time to time I enjoy editing and cutting together video. This was a fun project I dedicated to my friends after living in the Bay Area for 2 years.


For 11 weeks we would meetup at a diner and eat French Toast (most nights). Before we all went our own ways we had one last meal of French Toast.


Blog Post


Promo Pitch for possible contract with the History Channel. Michal Finegold directed & I drew all the storyboards. We were in the top 5 entries. 


"Animatic" of Susan B. Anthony’s address to Judge Ward Hunt reaches across time to women and men today, calling them to unite and continue the fight for equal rights." 

Dream Train

Often my dreams are so vivid, like a movie that I can't help but write about them when I wake. Well one morning, I thought I should draw it all out. So this was my dream. 

Film Studies

Sometimes I'll study films, here are some examples.  

Toby Cochran

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