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We had 6 weeks to finish a 2 year project. I was in charge of all animation, hand keyed and mocap cleanup. 


I directed & storyboarded 5 promotional teasers spots that could be used for web and television to help promote the show. Even though the project was a blur, it was fun because I had some creative freedom working with tight constraints.Included below are a couple videos showing a promo video and my supervisor Daev Finn's work. Daev's reel includes 2 shots I worked on that I didn't put on my reel.  


Other responsibilites included: rigging, texturing, set dressing, lighting assistant, rendering and camera layout.


Ardipithecus Aired on October 11, 2009

3D Animator

Animation & Layout Reel

Supervisor Daev Finn Reel

Discovery Channel Promo

Toby Cochran

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